About Professor David Divine

Professor Divine has occupied some of the most senior positions in social work practice, administration, regulation and education in the UK, in addition to occupying a similar level in social housing in the UK. Professor Divine has managed his own consultancy company in social work, housing and community health from 1994-2004, and was the James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies, at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada, from 2004-2009, in addition to being a fully tenured Professor of Social Work at Dalhousie University. 

Public Speaking

Over Professor Divine's career, he has worked in several sectors at governing positions in the UK and Canada. In 2007 he faced his biggest obstacle yet, a life changing car accident that most people would not have survived. After a recovery that has defied the odds, Professor Divine has talked on many platforms about resilience and themes of self preservation and motivation. He also often shares his personal journey of a child growing up in Aberlour Orphanage and how this beginning has shaped him and others from Aberlour and other residential institutions. 




Everybody has a story (narrative) to tell influenced by life circumstances. Events in life that affect us, where in history we are located, the time memorable incidents occur, the people we encounter and how we react all play a part in creating the person we are and want to be. Experiences we have and how we navigated our way through them- or tried to- and what we learnt from such journeys are part of the rich texture of our lives.